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We are a bespoke Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

James | Hammon & Co. has offices in Collins Street, Melbourne and our clients are diverse just like our city although one thing remains common – they all succeed online with our careful guidance.

We’re passionate about delivering transparent, cost-effective digital marketing solutions which align to your organisation goals and deliver commercially relevant market value to our clients.

We use a unique and personable approach to Digital Marketing which means we can tailor campaigns and marketing retainers to suit the needs of most small-to-medium organisations. Whether you have as few as five employees to 300+, forget the “Package” “One size fits all” approach and say hello to customised success.

Why do you matter?

Online marketing is one of the most dynamic and changeable sectors of the economy. Every day we see Australian organisations struggling to respond to disruption or lacking the necessary resources to adapt to rapid change. James | Hammon & Co matters because we ensure that we're at the forefront of these emerging trends and technology so you don't have to worry. We tailor our unique strategies, services and skills to ensure you receive the outcomes your organisation needs to succeed in the future. Only quality, cutting-edge approaches in the Digital World work - everyone else simply gets left behind.

What types of clients do you deal with?

While we personally manage e-commerce stores which sell products, 90% of our clients are in the service sector. Real estate, education, digital goods, health, law, finance, general professional services and industrial products make up the bulk of our client list. Many of our clients reside in traditional industries facing emerging disruption and the ever increasing threat of competition. We aim to provide consultancy and coaching to edge our clients towards disruption in the online space rather than pretend it doesn’t exist. If you're not sure, ask us for an industry example. We can provide case studies at request with client permission.


Who are you?

James | Hammon & Co. is a boutique digital marketing agency and consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Founding partner, Jonathan James & Matthew Hammon have years of experience in the online marketing space having personally executed successful campaigns for both national and international brands. Together with the rest of the James Hammon team, we work with a tight collective of leading service providers across Australia to deliver solid, evidence-based digital marketing outcomes.

What services does your digital marketing agency provide?

Our services can be grouped into key categories: Consulting, Data Analytics, Marketing and Development. Each category consists of multiple sub services which we tailor to the campaign depending on your unique requirements. For one client we may use Search Engine Marketing with Social Media Advertising, while for another we may give digital strategy advisory and mix this with advanced goal tracking data analytics. No matter what mix is used, our approach aims to transition every brand from a mere competitor in the market place to a leader and finally, market domination. A customised approach allows us to prevent unnecessary expense without compromising on outcomes.

How to choose a good digital agency?

Choosing a digital agency may be one of the most important decisions a small or medium business makes. Your digital agency needs to work closely with your business in order to foster growth and expansion. Unfortunately, stock-standard approaches and cookie-cutter offerings don't work. It's critical that you choose an agency that understands the finer details and can adjust their capabilities to your particular industry. For some organisations, a consulting-based approach may be effective in supporting in-house marketing efforts – for other organisations a far more hands-on approach will be necessary. Every campaign we do is different as no two companies are the same.

How are you different from other agencies?

Unlike conventional digital marketing agencies, SEO companies and marketing consultants, we don’t just provide a ‘full service’ agency offering – but actually integrate into your organisation and work collaboratively to achieve tangible marketing outcomes.

Our packages aren’t pre-created and we don’t sell you things you don’t need. While many clients will require a cross-section of services that other agencies provide, our agile campaign structure provides greater flexibility and adjustment no matter the circumstances. Whether it’ a campaign to be deployed in 24 hours or an annual Search Marketing campaign – we are most suitably informed to execute it promptly, efficiently and effectively.

Many marketing agencies provide data to clients, but unfortunately this rarely contributes to the marketing decision making process. What good is it to collect data on something that is ineffective and at what point in a campaign can it be deemed successful or not? Our experience shows that many agencies and digital strategists fail to analyse campaigns in detail, or are simply too busy to do so which results in disappointing or unsatisfactory outcomes to clients.


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