Measurement and Analytics

What can’t be measured, can’t be managed


“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion”

Data-led Insights makes decisions easy

Website analytics are essential to identify what is working well and what could be improved without having to guess or listing to another person with an opinion.

There are a lot of tools at our disposal to help answer these questions. Heat mapping, user flows, exit intent surveys, and even live user observation can be used. Use this feedback from users to your advantage. Too often than not, we see this information being collected but nothing is done with it.

Website Analytics

The most popular program by far is Google’s GA or Google Analytics. A small snippet of code is inserted into your website’s header or footer area and you can use this program for free. Of course this is just one of many different types of programs you can use.

Advanced Event Tracking Systems

If you want to take your website tracking to the next level you need to set up more than just URL goals and can extend this to anything from video plays to button clicks.

Data Set Accuracy and Cleaning

A less well known fact about website analytics programs is that these programs monitor user behaviour at a script level on your website’s server using cookies. A large amount of your website’s traffic can record the actions of bots which emulate real user behaviour otherwise known as Ghost Spam. Without filtering this out properly it can contribute to as much as an additional 25% of your website’s total traffic. You’ll need our assistance removing and eliminating Ghost Spam from your data set. Also it’s advisable if you remove internal traffic which can also distort your data.

Custom attribution modeling and Dashboards

One of the easiest ways to give independent clarity to decision makers is to set up your own Analytics Dashboards which show each day, the performance of your website. Once the variables are chosen, widgets are created to measure those variables for reporting purposes and connect them to measurable goals. While this whole process can take time, the data gained is well worth the efforts. Daily email alerts will automatically inform your marketing team of the day’s performance.

Data Insights can be used to make valuable improvements

  • Condense – simplification of the requirements on the user when interacting with the website. Less is more concept
  • Colour – changes to buttons, highlights, icons etc – visual cues
  • Layout – re-ordering of content and the flow of information
  • Forms – sometimes removing a field requirement can have a large positive affect
  • Content – introduction of specific user-focused text, images or video

Case Studies & Examples

Due to the sensitive nature of data we can only our websites’ data sets to you without our clients’ permission. It is best to contact us to define your requires first so we can supply a relevant case study.











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