The Champagne Strategy Podcast – Episode 8 – Confessions of a Tech CMO

29 July 2020

Robin Daniels is someone every CMO needs to listen to. We connected shortly after his departure from WeWork, and while a lot has been said in the public arena about the company’s shortcomings, what was lost in the broader conversation was the world-class marketing work they were doing over the years.

So we needed to hear Robin’s take on what they did really well and his answers to these questions were really quite interesting. There’s valuable takeaways for all types of businesses.

But, Robin didn’t end up working as the CMO for one of the biggest startups in the world by accident. He had been operating in senior product and marketing roles within the tech sector for over 20 years. He’s worked for famous brands such as Salesforce, Box, Vera, LinkedIn and others along the way. He’s arrived in Silicon Valley just before the last bubble popped in 2001. So it was also interesting to hear his take on the general atmosphere in the tech sector right now, especially as some commentators are pointing to the imminent popping of another tech bubble.

We talk mostly about how he approaches marketing, and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to marketing in the tech sector. With that said, there is wisdom in his answers which applies to all companies, especially if you are the head of the marketing function.

We talk about brand vs demand generation. We talk about the mistakes many people make, and how he recommends to split focus between the multitude of options that marketers can find themselves choosing between.

Lots of juicy nuggets of wisdom, tips, tricks, books to read and methods to follow.

A must listen for all marketing professionals, strategists, entrepreneurs, founders, executives and especially CMOs.

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Books Robin is Reading

Daniel Silva – The Order 

Robin DiAngleo – White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

Favourite Website

LinkedIn  – Robin’s profile here

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LinkedIn  – Robin’s profile here


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John James and Tim Beanland

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