The Champagne Strategy Podcast – Episode 10 – Copy That Sells

1 September 2020

Vikki Ross is one of the world’s most famous copywriters, which is why I hope she doesn’t look too closely at my terrible writing here.

Very early in her career, Vikki decided that copywriting was what she wanted to do. Her unwavering commitment and mastery of the craft is awe inspiring.

She’s worked as a copywriter for both large and small brands. From in-house work for brands such as The Body Shop,, and Virgin Media to her more recent consulting work for brands like Disney, Harry Potter, Sky News, Formula 1, Durex, Tesco, Sony Music and more.

Professional accolades aside, what’s also immediately apparent if you meet Vikki, is her firm support for other professional women. She’s also an ardent leader of the global copywriting community, taking a firm leadership position with efforts to push the industry forward constructively.  Best of all, she doesn’t just talk and write about it, she does it. From Copycabana events in the early days to Copywriters Unite, she’s constantly advocating for progress and respect within the profession.

Does she think AI is a threat to copywriting and what’s the best way to measure its value? How is copywriting different from other forms of writing or content production. Can bad grammar and brevity be better than the opposite?

We discuss all of these things and more. Including, how the brand story-telling has gone wrong, and even why she loves working with legal departments!

We ask about the things that prevent good copywriting from being published and Vikki tells us what to look for when hiring a professional.

What work did Harry and Megan approach her about?

What are her must-read books on copywriting?

What is an unmissable opportunity female copywriters should be taking advantage of right now?

All of these questions and more are answered in this episode so click the button and have a listen now!


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References Made in the Episode

#copywritersunite on Twitter
GPT-3 – Open AI
Zmelt – Presentation by Vikki Ross on Robots and AI
Apple Watch Ad – The watch tells time

Books Vikki is Reading

Steve Harrison – How to Write Better Copy

Junior by Thomas Kemeny

Macy’s Gimbels and Me by Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Big Life in Advertising by Mary Lawrence


Favourite Website



Shameless Plug

Women in Marketing awards


Best Method of Contact

Vikki Ross Writes @ mail dot com

LinkedIn  – Vikki’s profile is here

Twitter – Vikki’s handle is here


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This episode was edited and produced by:

John James and team

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