The Champagne Strategy Podcast – Episode 2 – Podcasting

29 June 2020

In this episode we talked to Tim Beanland to hear how we can use the power of Podcasting for personal and organizational success.

Tim is another modest person, but he has published over 50 episodes on his own channel and does everything himself. From equipment setup, guest prospecting, to recording, lighting, production, editing and distribution.

So it was the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of podcasting to figure out how it all works.

If you want a practical guide to start your own podcast or find out how to leverage it for your own brand – this is the episode you need to listen to.

Lots of juicy nuggets of wisdom, tips, tricks, books to read and methods to follow.

A must listen for all communications professionals, personal branders and entrepreneurs.

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References Made in the Episode

Tim’s PDF how to guide –

Camtasia video editing

Adobe premiere pro



Epidemic music tracks

Clipchamp and RSS feeds

Libsyn RSS feed

Homeloan hacks podcast: 

Mental health cause – Bipolar type 2

Email [email protected] 

How to start a podcast Facebook group

Beantalking with Peak Performers 

Jim Penman

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This episode was edited and produced by:

John James and Tim Beanland

Sonic Branding by Connor Armstrong

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