The Champagne Strategy Podcast – Episode 4 – Product Personalization

29 June 2020

In this episode we finally convinced Shadi Taleb to do just his second podcast interview ever.

We speak about the platform he’s created which makes the mass-personalization of products a profitable exercise.

His background is interesting and as you’ll hear, he’s certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty and pivot when necessary.

Starting in the world of financial brokering, he moved to options trading before servicing the variable costs of the hospitality sector. This morphed into an agency before he started his first startup which specialized in 3D printed lumpy mail.

From there, Spiff was born. If you’ve every wanted to know the power of personalization campaigns, how the idea behind the Share a Coke campaign was conceived and how lucrative it was, this is essential listening.

Lots of juicy nuggets of wisdom, tips, tricks and methods to follow.

A must listen for all product managers, CX professionals, executives, retailers (online or offline) and entrepreneurs.

Teaser Interview

Full Interview

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References Made in the Episode

Clare Valley, South Australia

“It’s not ‘a’ Louis Vuitton, it’s ‘my’ Louis Vuitton” – monogramming service

Vegemite personalisation

Spiff Nestle and BigW (Allen’s and KitKat)

Koko Black

UK custom shoe retailer

The application Spiff have built РSpiff Shopify App 

Nike ID

Share a Coke online configurator

Share a Coke sales increase


Questions at the End

Books Shadi is Reading

Doesn’t have time for books – more of a doer

Favourite Website

Piece of tech they can’t do without

Shameless Plug

Spiff website

Best Method of Contact


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This episode was edited and produced by:

John James and Tim Beanland

Sonic Branding by Connor Armstrong

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