The Champagne Strategy Podcast – Episode 5 – Customer Experience Strategy

29 June 2020

In this episode we convinced Kathryn Rutkowski to tell us what it’s like to do effective Customer Experience Strategy and she doesn’t hold back.

We particularly wanted to know if CX was just a fluffy buzzword or if it had lucrative commercial value.

Kathryn works for one of Australia’s largest tech companies, but prior to this her career has been squarely rooted in the IT and finance sector where she was exposed to the very best and worst of customer experience.

This was the perfect opportunity to discover all the do’s and don’t, the in’s and out’s of customer experience strategy from someone who has been on the front line.

You won’t be disappointed. In this interview she eloquently mixes top level strategic thinking rooted in professional methodology before drilling down into simple, tactical approaches which you could implement immediately after listening to this interview.

She generously shares some of her tactical playbook with us and has some great stories and anecdotes along the way.

Anyone working toward the goal of truly improving the customer experience, needs to listen to what she has to say.

There are so many juicy nuggets of wisdom, tips, tricks, books to read and methods to follow.

A must listen for all people who genuinely want to improve their customer experiences.

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References Made in the Episode

CX/UX diagram: and CX vs UX vs UI

DMAIC diagram:

SIPOC diagram:

Jeanne Bliss: “Earn the right to growth”

Mark Manson:

Ryan Holiday’s books: The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

Jeanne Bliss ‘Right to Growth’

The seven questions of a simple CX  business case (Kathryn’s Process) 

  1. How many customers are impacted and how are they impacted – time, cost, quality (Current Customer problem)
  2. How many potential customers are impacted? i.e. in the same cohort/segment as those who have been identified  (Future Customer benefit)
  3. What will it cost to fix the customer problem (Future Business investment)
  4. What is the cost of doing nothing? (Current Business cost incurred)
  5. Compare points one and two (What’s the direct impact to customers and the CLV of the customer cohort currently impacted vs. the customer benefit long term?)
  6. Compare points three and four (Cost to fix versus cost of doing nothing.) 
  7. Compare the long-term customer benefit of fixing the problem in Point 5 to the cost to the business of fixing versus doing nothing in Point 6 and ask this question: Is the cost of fixing this problem for this current group of customers less then the CLV of these customers if they leave and the potential CLV of the remaining customers in the cohort that the problem might happen for? 

If yes, the business should invest in fixing the problem.

Antonio Damasio’s Peak End Rule


Questions at the End


Books Kathryn is Reading

Artistotle’s Nichomachean Ethics and Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic.

Favourite Website

Farnham St and Mark Manson

Piece of tech they can’t do without

 Ipad Pro with Notability App and Mural

Shameless Plug

Kathryn’s Consulting Business coming soon and upcoming PMI podcast

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This episode was edited and produced by:

John James and Tim Beanland

Sonic Branding by Connor Armstrong

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