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“Search, a marketing method that didn’t exist a decade ago, provides the most efficient and inexpensive way for business to find leads”

Discover which keywords are the best

One of the most common questions we are asked is, ‘which keywords should I be targeting’. Not knowing which phrases to use in your search campaign would have to be, by far, the number 1 reason these campaigns fail or fall short of expectations. A short JH&C research phase combined with testing and an organisational offering analysis will quickly give the information you need. Our world famous key phrase research specialist will discover which phrases you should be targeting, which are the most effective, and recommend an appropriate resource investment needed to achieve organisational goals. While a little cliché, JH&C finds that 80% of your organic traffic will come from 20% of your key words. The 80/20 rule is alive and well in the search engine optimisation industry.

How to make your website structure SEO friendly

Otherwise referred to as an ‘onsite’, refers to code level improvements made to the target website under your control. Onsites are critical to the success of your SEO campaign and from our experience, vary wildly between providers. It’s important to know that installing some SEO plugin like Yoast will only scrape the surface of what needs to be done. Some SEO ‘experts’ will stuff keywords into your content and harp on about the importance of meta titles and descriptions. Others will talk about permalinks or html to text ratios. Truth be told, there are hundreds of factors which contribute to your website’s ranking potential. JH&C looks at over 117 onsite factors which we have identified as advantageous to your campaign’s success and methodically works with your or your IT department/website manager to optimise as many as practically possible. Alternatively, you can contract our SEO onsite team to do this for you.

Backlink recommendations and strategies

Onsites give your website the best chance of success, whereas offsite factors a.k.a backlinks & citations provide the necessary ‘juice’ needed to breathe life into your site. After all most people don’t realise that Google’s original algorithm was originally built around the measurement of hyperlinks and citations for scholarly articles.  No matter what anyone says, without back links your campaign will simply not work. Competitor backlink analyses and research will help identify the opportunities needed to make your campaign a success. Alternatively, ask about JH&C’s backlink resources.

SEO Campaign Measurement. Is it working?

The easiest way to find out if your SEO campaign is working is by measuring its success. You’ve probably noticed the (not provided) next to the keyword column of Google Analytics when viewing your organic traffic channel. Contrary to popular perception, Google only releases organic keyword data to you if you spend over $100k/year for their premium Analytics product. Google Search Console a.k.a Webmaster Tools only provides sample data and we find it’s accuracy very questionable. If you’re budget can’t afford the above, there’s other ways of measuring the amount of keyword specific traffic your website is receiving. It’s important to acknowledge that a lot of your organic traffic can be just brand name related traffic. To know if your SEO campaign is working or not, you’ll need our help setting up advanced tracking systems and isolating variables.

An SEO Consultant can help

Our Seo consultants in Melbourne and Sydney can give you answers to your questions before you make costly mistakes. We travel around Australia assisting medium to large businesses with enterprise level search engine optimisation advisory.










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