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Improve your company’s LinkedIn presence and learn how to sell

Linkedin Consulting & Training

When you stumble across a person’s profile on LinkedIn, first impressions count. Without prior knowledge, immediately the brain starts to make assessments of their authority, age, expertise and general status. Often we find a strong reputation in the offline world isn’t reflected in our online presence. This is where we can help.

Appearing authoritative on Linkedin is especially important for B2B professionals, sales people, managers and business owners. In fact, if you’re an Australian living in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, having a solid Linkedin profile is an investment into your future no matter where you end up in your career.

Corporates and SME’s hire us to achieve 4 basic aims

  • General company branding – to appear professional and tech savy
  • Content marketing exposure – this platform is a great way to disseminate content
  • Sales lead generation – don’t make the faux pas of connecting with a prospect and immediately selling to them. Learn the best way to sell using Linkedin.
  • Advertising – due to our other digital marketing work, we can advise and set up campaigns for your organisation

Key course material

  • Understanding the personal brand
  • Introduction to content marketing
  • LinkedIn basic structure and profile presentation
  • Identifying your audience
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Building your database – reconnect with lost friends or colleagues and meet new people
  • Leveraging your database
  • Measurement and ROI
  • Case studies
  • Advertising and promotion on Linkedin
  • Personal versus business authority
  • Becoming an influencer
  • Paid profile upgrade options
  • Perfecting the soft sell – how to engage, nurture and close prospects


  • LinkedIn health check
  • Copy of all course material and slides
  • Immediate to-do list to improve your LinkedIn presence
  • LinkedIn cheat-sheet

Case Studies

We have previously trained small business owners, sales professionals and large corporate companies. Contact us directly if you require references.











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