Google gets ready for Penguin

29 January 2016

Google is fundamentally on online ecosystem. It’s akin to a dynamic phone book that contains the widest directory of websites known on the internet – searchable from a simple and effective user interface that is the Google search box that we know and love.

One of the primary goals of Google is to provide an excellent user experience. This extends not only to the Google interface, software, apps and even code but also to the results that are delivered in Google searches. My opinion is that no search online is complete without a Google search. I believe this is the case because with no other search engine can you expect the exact relevancy and specificity of results that are delivered when using Google.

There is no doubt, SEO is a profitable and intelligent marketing platform when used with other marketing methods. From brand-recognition to traffic increases, SEO delivers a complimentary solution to most businesses’ marketing regime.

Things are changing – introducing the newest Penguin

In order to deliver the quality we expect and the relevance we most like about Google, the search engine algorithm has to continually change. Essentially the purpose of Google updates is to circumvent the effectiveness of new unorthodox or black hat SEO techniques often attributable to what Google considers “Web spam”.

Based on our extensive rankings data which we collect on client SEO and Marketing Campaigns – we have noticed a significant shift in the reliability and stability of results in the last three weeks. When these things happen, we know we’re confronting an update.

What does it mean for my site?

Unnatural link profiles are in the firing line. If you have been unnaturally building links to your website, watch out – you’re about to be hit hard. That said, it’s our opinion that contextualized, relevant mid-high authority links are safe.

We don’t know the detail yet and anything we do know is pure speculation however we expect guest blogging to be hit as well as social bookmarks and spammy directories.

Overall, the best way to maintain results is by employing the reliable services of a trusted online marketing firm such as us. Cleaning up links on your own is certainly no easy feat.


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