Promoting Lead Generating Content with Transient Media

20 April 2016

Promoting Lead Generating Content with Transient Media

Awesome content shows off your brand to best advantage and plays a significant part in converting visitors into consumers. It is an essential component of your marketing strategy, but it can’t do the job all on its own. Your market must connect with your content before it can do the work. You’ve got to do more than just make it discoverable; you’ve got to promote your content with transient social media.

Meet your audience when they’re online.

Transient chat services post messages that are only visible for a short time period. You’ve got to match your posting schedule to your consumers’ reading habits. Use market research tools to find out when your posts are most likely to be read and get the timing right.

Grab the reader with a punchy headline.

Create multiple headlines that uniquely identify your content. Every short post is a tiny advertisement in itself. Good headlines immediately intrigue or amuse the reader, leading them to the content that results in a tangible lead.

Recycle your best material.

The very nature of transient media means that only a small portion of your market will consume your advertisement. Reuse those spots that draw the best response. Publish them in new markets and at new times in order to reach the widest possible audience.

Become a subject matter expert.

Before viewers decide to consume your content, you need a certain level of credibility. Build this invaluable reputation by seeking out your target market and communicating with them. Forum posts and comment fields provide an excellent venue for helpfully displaying your product knowledge.

Sign your work.

Social media exists to help us connect with each other. Make sure your readers know who you are and where you can be found online. Your signature field contains a hyperlink for just this purpose; make sure it gets used. If your media outlet only connects your signature to your profile page, embed your external links there.

Don’t neglect the evergreen content.

Even though transient social media prominently displays content for only a short period, that content never actually goes away. Your headlines remain discoverable for the life of your messaging service. Forum posts turn up time and again as new consumers seek to solve problems you’ve already solved for others. As long as your promotional content is good quality, relevant to the issue, and intriguing to read, it will continue to direct viewers to your lead generating content for years to come.

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