Custom Web Design & Development

Create digital products that people love to use

A car can look like a Lamborghini on the outside but under the hood you have just bought a Daweoo Lanos which isn’t even in production any more.

Similarly, website design and development is so much more than meets the eye. Not only must a professional website be attractive and user-friendly, it must have a variety of other features, including but not limited to:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Fast loading speed and ability to handled increased traffic without slowing
  • Flexibility to edit and make changes
  • Ability to work on all devices with a uniform user experience
  • Completely unique

95% of WordPress Websites use pre-fabricated themes/templates

Most “custom website development” companies purchase a template from sites such as Theme Forest and simply fill in the content which is required. Not only do these give your website an instant SEO penalty, they are also inflexible and often poorly supported. Conflicts with added plugins or other systems is common. If you are going to choose WordPress, it’s difficult to find a pre-made theme which is built well enough to serve your needs. Custom made WordPress themes are always superior. This is what we can do for you.

If a website is highly important to your business you need professional, high quality custom web design. We are dedicated to offering the very best in custom web development to our customers.

How we can help

Every business is unique so we understand the importance of bespoke solutions and the value it can add to you organisation.

We develop custom web applications including but not limited to…

  • Customer Relationship Management systems CRM’s,
  • Sales automation applications
  • API integration
  • Purchase facilities and storefronts
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP’s)
  • Work Scheduling and meeting applications
  • Project management systems
  • Customised intranets

Clients Choose us because….

  • We keep up on the latest technology and trends so your website will look modern
  • We meet with each of our customers in a comprehensive and extensive briefing process so we can know exactly what you need and deliver it in a timely manner, without unnecessary back and forth changes and modifications (a.k.a SRS)
  • We are all project management certified and use a structured process to make sure the project runs smoothly
  • Sometimes these sites are a huge investment for many of our clients, so we offer flexible payment terms, including the ability to pay in installments over several months.
  • We design most of our clients’ websites in WordPress, which allows them to make changes easily and quickly with only minimal design knowledge.
  • Other more complex websites are coded at a framework level in PHP using Yii and Codeigniter

Examples of our work

With hundreds of websites and web applications completed over the past few years from our Melbourne office we can show you examples of our web development work even if you are in Sydney, Australia or overseas.

Melbourne Micro Roasters

  • Online Coffee Bean Supplier
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Modified Woo Commerce carting system
  • SSL , HTTPS enabled
  • Stripe, PayPal and Bank payment integration

Permit Ready

  • Online property classifieds website
  • Custom Yii framework build
  • XML feed automation – REA XML standard
  • Advanced conversion tracking
  • Automated reporting for each property
  • Separate image server
  • Outbound email infrastructure service
  • Automated e-newsletter integration through Mail Chimp
  • Secure database build











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