Top ten ways you can improve conversions on your website

29 January 2016

Conversion Improvements for your Services-Based or E-Commerce Website

Why worry about doubling the traffic that visits your site when it is much more profitable and easier to double the sales from those who already visit? The best method of converting visitors is through conversion optimisation which is the idea of developing an experience for visitors to your website or landing page in an effort to convert those visitors into customers. This practice is critical because it can significantly help improve sales thus positively affecting your bottom line.

Conversion rates can be measured using simple analytic tools. However, the formula is the number of unique visitors to your website divided by the total number of orders from those visitors. The result is the conversion rate percentage. Once you have this information, you can measure the before and after conversion improvements to determine if your changes are working. When using analytics programs, you should focus on the overall amount of unique traffic, keyword ranking metrics, page indexing, number of keywords search engines are picking up and link backs to your website. Then, track the changes using two calendars; one that highlights weekly, monthly and yearly effectiveness and one outlining notable circumstances that have a natural effect on the website’s effectiveness.
Top Five Conversion Tips for E-Commerce Sites
One: Be Memorable

The best and most optimised sites will contain excellent content that provides relevant information to the visitor. When searching for a product or service, most users begin with research. Therefore, if you can make contact with the visitor, provide a favorable impression and be memorable at this stage in the process, they are likely to return.

Two: Do Not Waste Time

One of the biggest website mistakes is asking for too much information. Conversions are considered to be sales or a request for information. Therefore, do not waste their time asking for irrelevant information.

Three: Keep the Visitor Informed

Information is the key to the online experience. When a visitor makes an online purchase, they want to know exactly when the product will arrive at their door. Therefore, providing tracking information, an estimated delivery date and keeping them informed during and after the sale will convert more visitors and keep them returning.

Four: Offer Multiple Payment Options

Although this may sound obvious, providing multiple payment options gives the user flexibility. Not everyone online has a credit card so consider offering alternative payment options to the usual methods. It makes their life easier and gives the customer what they want.

Five: Know your Unique Selling Point

One of the most important points is to know your unique selling point. This is what differentiates you from the competition. If a customer visits several sites in search of a product, why would they buy from you instead of another website?

Top Five Conversion Tips for a Service-Based Websites

One: Be Clear, Honest and Open

By providing the correct information and not misleading the user will improve their overall experience. For instance, if you are an accountant and have an online appointment calendar. If you do not have an open spot when the user would like to book, make it unavailable online.

Two: Landing Page Optimisation

Service-based companies are most interested in gathering information about their clients, which is considered a conversion. Therefore, by optimising your landing page by providing value and making it easy and relevant, you will have a higher conversion rate.

Three: Help the User Trust you

Many users are still cautious about providing information online, and rightfully so. There are still individuals with malicious intent that stalk the Internet. Therefore, there are characteristics of the website that can help build trust such as providing an address versus P.O. Box, phone number, privacy policy, SSL certificate and SiteLock logo.

Four: Improve the Usability

This point can be accomplished by making your site more accessible, have the website compatible with all major browsers and be bold! Also, if the user wants to find out more information about your services, make it easy for them to find that information.

Five: Improve the Visitor’s Value

Finally, those who convert at your site like what they see. Therefore, if the user signs up for a service, provide related services that they may like. Up-selling and cross-selling are proven sales techniques which can be applied to the Web.

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