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The Best Social Media Marketing

Nearly everyone that does social media marketing poorly, spreads themselves too thin between multiple platforms and pushes out large amounts of poor quality content.

While larger brands have the resources to support this scattergun strategy, we always recommend small to medium brands to completely dominate one or two instead.

Often new startups have become large companies simply by focusing resources on just one platform, doing it so well and completely ‘owning’ that space.

In Australia, look at examples such as ShowPo (Facebook initially) and Frank Body (Instagram)

Select the best social media platforms

We often notice organisations trying to manage multiple platforms and not being able to make them work together effectively.

Either the approach is wrong, not enough effort is spent on them or the wrong platforms are chosen in the first place.

The platforms we would recommend for a B2B law business would be completely different to a coffee bean brand. To select the right platforms you need to understand each of their strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t know this, hire us to tell you. It’s quite simple.

Use each Social Media Platform in the right way

So you might have chosen a few platforms you want to make work for your organisation. The next failure we see is how these platforms are used. We often hear from clients that they, ‘Tried Facebook and it didn’t work’.

Capitalize on each social media platform’s strenghts

LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing but simply connecting with a bunch of random people and then immediately approaching them with a sales pitch is a rookie error.

Similarly, creating an Instagram account when you have a visusally unappealing product and posting links to your most recent product or blog post is also a major faux pas.

Each social media platform has started somewhere with a particular user base. Unless you understand this user base and the type of content they respond to, you will certainly waste your efforts.

For example, early on, most of the adopters of Instagram were professional protographers. Then some celebrities, models and visual design people came on board. It gained popularity quickly once the founders decided to focus exclusively on building a photo-sharing app.

Understanding and Measuring Value from Social Media

Gaining lots of followers or likes means nothing unless they help result in the creation of value for the organisation.

Similarly, measuring post likes or soft metrics like views also means very little as these can be the result of bogus spam.

Savy social media professionals will measure outcomes and genuine metrics which build value in the brand and track these via pixels and unique URL redirects.

Balancing organic vs paid engagment

All of the best social media campaigns will rely heavily on organic reach and engagement. Any brand simply relying on paid advertising alone will either find this strategy very expensive or mildly effective.

List of Social Media Platforms

Below we’ve attached a small list of some of the more popular social media platforms with large numbers of users.


WhatsApp – Facebook

Messenger – Facebook

Youtube – Google

QQ – Tencent

Wechat – Tencent

QZone – Tencent

Tumblr – Yahoo

Instagram – Facbook



Tieba (Postbar) – Baidu






Weibo – Seiba


Vkontakte (VK)

















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