Time and Tides in Online Marketing

29 January 2016

E-commerce competition moves far more quickly than traditional brick and mortar retailers. The changing price of petrol is based on hourly fluctuation in the futures market, but online retailers live and die by the demands of the moment and the whims of the masses. No price point is ever fixed for long, and the demand explosion cuased by viral marketing response peters out as quickly as it surges. A business that is poised to take advantage of the tides of the Internet needs the perseverance to stick to their business model, the constancy to ride out changes in fashion, and the preparedness to take advantage of shifts in the wind.

The Race Is Not Always to the Swift

You put careful thought and a great deal of foresight into developing your business model. It would be foolish to abandon your plan of action at the first sign of changes in the marketing landscape. Marketing is a game of numbers and endurance, getting your message in front of the greatest number of people for the longest amount of time. That message needs to be consistent, appealing to the core values of your target audience and evoking a measured response. You can generate sales by stimulating a purchase reaction, but you build a brand through the patient creation of identity.

Batten Down the Hatches

The attention of the masses is a fickle thing. Your business plan calls for proactive anticipation of market trends and attempts to influence those trends. When the tides of fashion turn against your campaign, it can be tempting to chuck it all and ride the winds of chance. Viral movements come and go very swiftly, seldom making a lasting impression. You’ve linked your business plan to a carefully thought out message that consistently presents your mission statement and core values. Batten down the hatches and stick to your identity; frequent changes to your brand message damages public perception of your company and reduces the effectiveness of your marketing.

Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind

Just because the tide of public perception has turned is no reason to dive deep and let the wave pass you by. Your marketing plan has a certain degree of flexibility built into it. Dig into your resources, adapt your existing plan of action to the current viral message, and ride the crest of public awareness as long as it serves your goals. Be prepared for the tide to ebb before another surge and rely on your well-crafted plan to see you through.


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