Unleashing the Power of the AdWords Display Network

29 January 2016

If you’re like many entrepreneurs who are interested in marketing to potential clients in the new digital landscape, you’ve probably heard many positive things about the AdWords Display Network from Google.

A great opportunity for both small and large businesses alike to build their client base and bring in extra profit, the network offers over a million websites and a potential pool of clients that includes about 90% of Internet users. Allowing for businesses to tailor their ads by location and demographic, the service is a marketing dream come true. Undoubtedly, the platform will be one of the business success stories of 2015, and here are just a few tips on how to utilise the power of the network.

Expanding Your Target Audience

With Google’s enormous network of users at the ready, AdWords truly is a 21st Century way of doing business. Fortunately, choosing an agency to manage your AdWords Display Network Campaign takes the hassle out of learning the network. By using your ad’s keywords with the Display Network, Google will automatically locate sites relevant to your product. Utilising options such as the Interest Categories feature will maximise opportunities for placing ads on relevant websites of your choosing, while tools such as the Remarketing feature on the network allows businesses to show repeat ads to people who have expressed interest in a product by visiting a product website. We establish these features to create a message to potential customers that is right for you.

Finding the Sites You Want to Market To

With Managed Placement option on the Display Network, you’ll be able to pick and choose the kind of sites you want to get your message to the most. This is an especially great option for businesses who have a specific place such as a forum or social media site in mind to market their idea to. If you know that your piano business gets great traffic from a classical music forum for example, managed placement will ensure that forum members will be likely to see your ad. Getting the word out in a particular location, such as a city you do business with, is also a great option.

Cross Referencing With Other Google Services

By using Google Analytics in conjunction with the Display Network, entrepreneurs can get the best of both worlds in Internet marketing. Seeing how a product fares in search engines and why the product gets attention where it does is an enormously valuable tool for entrepreneurs. Does an ad on your favorite forum bring in a lot of clicks, for example? Have you noticed a group of fans centering on a particular city? These are just some of the key pieces of information that Google can provide. For many small business owners, the possibilities are endless when discovering where and why clients come across information on a product, and availability of this information will ensure the best ad campaign possible.

For these reasons, finding the right message through AdWords Display Network can be a great boost to a business. By reaching out to the right potential clients, entrepreneurs will no doubt be impressed by the possibilities awaiting them in the 21st Century school of marketing.


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